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Hi! I am Roberta, and this is a summary of my career:


For over ten years I have been covering sports and serving as a women's basketball consultant for professional athletes, leagues, journalists and broadcasters. What started as a hobby, writing a blog about the WNBA in 2008, soon came to become a passion and career.


In 2014, my last year of undergraduate school, I was hired as an intern at Liga Nacional de Basquete (the men's basketball league in Brazil), after three years interning and learning at one of the main PR agencies in the country. At LNB, I created content for the official website, blog and social media during regular season, playoffs and festive events while serving also as the liaison between women's basketball and the mainstream public.


That opportunity opened the door to a network with the top players, coaches and agents in Brazil, which lead me to starting my own PR agency for female athletes only, in 2015. Initially, I landed two of the top athletes, plus the number one agent in the country. I embraced that journey and, in 2016, after a successful run during the Rio Olympics, I decided it was time to take a big leap and move to the United States, with the purpose of being closer to and gathering more knowledge on how women's sports is covered.

The work I have developed and published in the sports industry is often focused on the intersection between female athletes and the poor conditions which are given to girls who want to become professionals. You will often read articles signed by me on feminism, gender and race within leagues, clubs and franchises.

2008 - 2010

Chief Editor

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WNBA Brasil

Five friends who met over a message board called "Diana Taurasi" decided to take their passion for women's basketball to the news and start their own blog about the WNBA. It became the first blog in Brazil to cover the American league exclusively. From that venture, our name became known among journalists, the league's fans and athletes themselves. As time went by, I decided to turn the writing hobby into my career and enrolled at college in 2011, after spending the two years post high school traveling and understanding what I wanted for my future. The four other members moved on to different fields of work, but we all keep in touch and discuss the WNBA nowadays.


College student and internships

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SD&PRESS and my business venture


In 2011, I enrolled in college to get my Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications with a concentration in Journalism . During the first semester I worked as an English teacher, both in my hometown and São Paulo, as I moved to the big city when commuting four hours a day didn't allow me to study.  On the second semester I landed my first internship in the communication business, at the main PR agency for companies in the automotive industry, SD&PRESS Consultoria.

I was only the second person from my class to be hired in the first year. I was also student board president for the class of 2014 for two tenures.

SD&PRESS Consultoria

I spent two and a half years at SD&PRESS Consultoria, and I consider it the place I learned the best skills to practice Public Relations. I went from Intern, to Interns Manager. I drafted press releases, speeches for top spokesmen, pitched news with the media, wrote measurement reports, full on participated in the organization of small and big events of our clients, such as press conferences and booth management during Auto Shows, intermediated interviews and reported directly to my directors.


In December 2013, I was invited to an interview with Liga Nacional de Basquete (LNB). One of my college colleagues had been interning there for two years and referred me to a position in the communications department. I was hired and had as main roles to create content for the official website, blog and social media. During the one year of internship, I wrote game reports, trades updates, institutional and special stories, covered regular season, playoffs and festive events, oversaw stories related to women's basketball and participated of all these activities in person with the communications team.

This opportunity opened the door to an extensive network that was key for my next professional decisions.

SD&PRESS Consultoria

When my internship contract with the LNB was done I was hired again by SDP, due to their appreciation to my work and the relationship we built, as I kept providing freelance works for them through my last year as an undergraduate. It was while working with this agency that I created RR Sports & Media Consulting (former CHUÁ Assessoria de Comunicação). Because my managers and directors believed in my aptitude for communications and women's basketball report, plus they had seen my passion towards this goals for years, we agreed that I would work remotely while I built my business. It was the best decision I ever made up to that point and I kept providing services for SDP until July 2017.



When I started college, I knew what I had in mind for my career. My idea was to study and invest my time as an undergraduate improving my skills and knowledge to build something that would bring awareness to the gender inequality in sports, specially basketball. As time passed by, I had to put my dream on hold and focus on becoming a great professional of public relations. I knew that at some point that would be more than helpful for the goals I had set for myself, so I embraced all the opportunities that came my way. Thus, when time came, I was able to put into practice all of the communications techniques I acquired during my internships towards women's basketball.

First off, an agency focused on female athletes was a pioneer concept in Brazil. And that excited me, because I have a mindset for building things from scratch and turning concepts into reality. Because of the network during LNB, I landed two of the major basketball players in the country: Érika de Souza (C), a WNBA champion and Olympic veteran, who had built a legacy in the Atlanta Dream; and Nadia Colhado (C), who is one of the strongest names in the country and was playing in the WNBA at the time. Besides, Fabio Jardine, founder of First Pick, which is responsible for the career of prominent athletes in the USA and overseas, was also one of the names I represented.

From March 2015 to October 2016, period of time I was still living in Brazil, I was privileged to immerse into the women's basketball scenario. I spent months with the main teams of the country - as both my clients were in the then champion roster of LBF (Liga de Basquete Feminino) - plus the national team, in preparation for the Olympic Games that would take place in Rio, on July 2016.

I set the goal to make my clients the most visible ones in the media focused on the coverage of women's basketball during the Olympics, and I achieved it. Altogether, Erika and Nadia had 55% more individual stories published than the national team itself. First Pick players were also for the first time being the main name of publications by the top media outlets in the country. There were full-page newspaper stories, special articles online and prime time TV specials, what hadn't been achieved in a long time by female athletes.

Besides the mainstream media, I also gave special attention to social media, which is one of my specialties. Erika had a growth of 125% in followers on Instagram and Twitter during the period mentioned above, and Nadia saw a 75% increase in the same areas. Both of them came to be the most followed athletes in the national team.

This success came through special actions and attention that we gave to their online presence. As their PR and social media manager, I encourage them to use all the tools that were available, specially videos and interaction with fans, which are the key to having meaningful impressions. As a result of the good work we were able to put, the next step was joining Erika de Souza in the USA, as she was playing for the Chicago Sky.

Today, as I settle my life in New York, I take great proud in the work that I have made, while realizing it's time to take another big step and dedicate my time and knowledge to a professional franchise. That was my goal with my transition from Brazil to the USA and I am ready and excited to embrace a new journey of success.





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I am always looking forward to creating brand new image and media for clients. That's why I have been able to formulate unique graphics and design for athletes and brands that I have represented. I am also able to illustrate my own articles and stories, by the use of tools like Photoshop, Lightroom and Canva.


I have over ten years of proven experience on the PR and media field. I posses the skills to increase clients presence in the traditional and modern media, while having the tools to make online presence even more significant.


Besides excelling in the traditional ways of communication, I also have developed abilities that go beyond the common scope of the work. I can edit videos, photos, create designs and generate ideas that surpass the traditional.


 I am driven by the power of making things happen and I am relentless in reaching the best result possible for my team. I value teamwork and growth, both in numbers and in work relationships.